Born in London at the turn of this century, Milo Twyla soon outgrew a classroom education and persuaded her mother that trekking overseas would teach her all that was important in life. After returning just for the necessary evils that are self-taught GCSEs, she justified not taking A-Levels by embarking upon this, her first and likely only book, arguing that the research involved was tantamount to the studies for a PhD.


Her novel - ‘The Essence of Senescence’ - began life as a screenplay to facilitate her long-held intent to be a film director, to encapsulate and crystallise the world she had created, until it was time for a newly-skilled she to transport it to the big screen. Her tale soon transmuted into the fully-fledged, self-financed and self-published novel of which any ingénue could be proud of.

With it, Milo hopes to celebrate the freedoms her generation clamour for, to encourage the preservation of equality and pluralism in an unpolluted world devoid of ignorance, intolerance and division. And in the process, to reclaim the wisdom of youth and power of the small, next to the wise giants that have preceded her.

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